Yen and Will are newlyweds that just bought a home literally minutes away from the house where I grew up. They’re also my very dear friends, so when they requested a few snapshots to commemorate their early days at the house, I couldn’t resist.

The neighborhood is full of lush evergreens that act as the perfect backdrop. The sun has been setting so much earlier (how I yearn for long summer sunsets), so we had to scramble to capture these. I love mini portrait sessions because they’re great souvenirs for commemorating important life events, especially the ones that are traditionally associated with mail announcements- think “We Moved!” cards or your annual holiday cards. Yen and Will- wishing you many fond memories and love in your new home!

yenwillholiday-1 yenwillholiday-2    yenwillholiday-3 yenwillholiday-4    yenwillholiday-5 yenwillholiday-6

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