Scheffres Family: Rockville Maryland Family Photographer

November 7, 2016

Welcome to the world, Gavin! We originally planned on shooting this beautiful family back when Gavin was a newborn, but encountered a few delays while the doctors were ensuring that Gavin is in tip top health. Fast forward three months, and Gavin is a total stud muffin! He was so focused on the camera during our session…I think we’ve got a future model in the making.

There’s a beautiful little lake behind Rockville Town Center that I don’t think many people know about. It sits behind a community of town homes, and at 8:00 in the morning, the light is absolutely stunning. Afterwards, we headed indoors…just in time for Gavin’s nap. He started to get a little upset (I know the feeling, buddy), but mom and dad were champs at soothing him. Five minutes later, an incredibly intimate calm spread over the room, and we finished off our morning with lots of smiles and cuddles.

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