A Tribute to the Mothers

May 12, 2017

Up until March of this year, I spent two hours a day trekking into DC to work, racking up many miles traversing the wonderful public transit that is Metro. An hour in, an hour out. Then cooking dinner, sometimes cleaning the house, and then, only if I wasn’t asleep on my feet, heading out to the gym. Don’t get me wrong- Darren helps out whenever he can, and I’ve since transitioned to an office that is ten minutes from home, which has helped a lot. But work, and life, is exhausting sometimes.

Which makes me even more in awe of the mothers that I photograph, that do everything I mentioned before, and then some. A lot of it. Mothers are: personal chefs, chauffeurs, nurses, tutors, janitors, cheerleaders, hair and wardrobe stylists, and so much more. I love your kids, but after your family sessions, I throw myself on the couch exhausted, wondering, “How do they do this 24/7?” So this Mother’s Day, I want to thank all of the beautiful mothers I have been blessed with photographing. Thanks for being a personal chef, chauffeur, nurse, tutor, janitor, cheerleader, hair and wardrobe stylist, and mother to your beautiful little ones that I also get to photograph. Thanks for getting your families dressed and showing up for your sessions, for shouting/tickling/bribing/anything for a laugh for the camera, and at the end of it all, still being able to smile and look gorgeous. You’re my superheros!

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Beautiful work by this Rockville family photographer! You rocked this session absolutely loving the colors and strong woman presented

This is such a sweet Rockville family session! Youre such an awesome Maryland wedding photographer!

Goodness you are an amazing Rockville photogrpaher! Love your family shots!

This was so beautiful to read. I bet the moms around you in Rockville are so pleased to have you capture and document all of their family photos. <3

These are so lovely. moms are amazing! you are a great maryland family photographer!

What a fun post. This are some great pics of amazing mommies. Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Moms out there.

What a sweet gift back to moms. Thjs was a beautiful read

Such a touching post from an insanely talented gal who totally rocks Rockville family photography

What great photos of such beautiful women! You truly are a wonderful Rockville Family Photographer. Mom’s are the true superheroes of the world!

I so wish we lived closer to Rockville! I’d love to get some great shots of me and the kids.

Mom’s really are superheroes! It’s so wonderful to see a Maryland family photographer capture them so well!

You are simply the best Rockville family photographer! These photos of mommas and their babes are so very precious and beautiful!

What a beautiful post! The folks of Rockville are blessed to have you as their family photographer!